Circuit Training Etc.

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Circuit training is a staple of most health clubs and provides customers with a sound basis for fitness training programs. Considered by experts to be an ideal way to build stamina, strength, versatility and overall health and fitness, a circuit training workout will usually consist of six to ten strength exercises that are completed in succession. Each exercise will target a different muscle group.

A circuit training workout will always need to begin with a warm-up of around 10 minutes. I'm sure you realize how important warm-up exercises are, so I won't elaborate. Then, the circuit will proceed with at least 10 repetitions of the same exercise before moving on to another one.

Greater Flexibility

A great benefit of circuit training is the fact that it builds flexibility. This is a goal of many fitness seekers and professional sportsmen too. So circuit training is a valuable addition to anyone's individual fitness regimen.

Circuit training should be arranged in stages. A basic circuit will be followed until it is no longer a challenge, and then you move up a notch to the next stage. Progressively, over time, strength, health and fitness will increase steadily.

Go for the Machines

Some programs will involve circuit training exercises that don't use machines, but the majority of people doing circuit training rely solely on a selection of fitness equipment for their circuit training, as this is the most convenient for a great number of exercisers. If the regimen involves more than one venue, it is obviously not going to be so easy to keep up with your circuit training program.

Circuit Training and Your Personal Level of Fitness

Any circuit training regimen should always be based on your current fitness level and should take into account past injuries or weaknesses. As you progress with circuit training, you can target problem areas, but take care not to work your weak spots too hard as you could end up losing progress.

Don't Get Bored

It is important to keep your fitness training exciting and fun, so don't forget to try different machines and as many different combinations as possible in your circuit training. If you get bored you won't be doing your best training. In short you'll be wasting your time. Mindless repetition of moves will not build a great body.

It is well worth spending time building the perfect circuit training program for you personally. If you need to, think about calling in a professional for the very best results.

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