Circuit Training Workouts

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The reason that many people turn to circuit training workouts is simply that they find one type of fitness activity, such as running or walking, boring. The fast pace and varied nature of circuit training places a unique type of stress on the body. It is very different from normal exercise activities, like weight training and aerobics and can be far more beneficial.

Take the Time to Warm Up

It is always a good idea to warm up for your circuit training workout with a fifteen or 30-minute walk and a session of gentle stretches. Your circuit training program can include sessions with treadmills, stationary bicycles, resistance machines, rowing machines, floor exercises and exercise balls. You won't have time to get bored. By the time your session with one has lost its novelty, it will be time to hop off and on to your next exercise!

After a thorough circuit training workout, you will probably feel a slight ache in the muscles you've used. This is not a bad thing; it means that you are progressing and your muscles are working. However, if the pain is more than a gentle ache and you are having any difficulty using that muscle, you have probably overdone it and should think about scaling back your circuit training workout until you are feeling a bit stronger.

Totally Personalized Circuit Training

Undoubtedly the great attraction to circuit training workouts is that they can be totally personalized to your own needs and inclinations. You can design your program to suit your body needs and there is absolutely no wasted time. An added bonus in our busy world. Make sure that your lifestyle supports a demanding circuit training workout. Ensure that you are getting good nutrition, including sufficient protein, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. And let's not forget rest. If you are working all day, partying all night and fitting your fitness program in around the edges, you are not going to benefit as much as you could if you make rest and recuperation a priority in your life too. Rest is vital to your fitness success.

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