Written by Patricia Skinner
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Curves is a chain of weight loss and fitness centers for women that has more than 5,000 branches around the world, mainly in the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Very popular, they claim that over a million women at any time are reaching their fitness goals at Curves Centers.

Popular Curves

Curves is evidently so popular because they combine and easy-to-conquer 30-minute workout with a supportive, positive environment. This combination of support and group activity seems to be what many women need to be successful with their circuit training program. Numbers don't lie, and the numbers show that Curves really works!

So for 90 minutes a week, any woman can achieve her perfect shape and level of fitness, according to Curves. Added benefits are an environment that is geared to women only, and the support and encouragement of fellow women circuit trainers. Many women who have tried other fitness clubs say that Curves gives them what they need in women's fitness training, using the best women's fitness equipment.

Curves Information

The Curves website provides information on local centers as well as other information for women wanting to get fit. They also offer customers a book with guidelines for fitness success and meal planners. The emphasis at curves is fitness and weight loss with a feminine accent.

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