.408 Caliber Xm04

Written by Josh Dodes
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On the hunt for an exceptional bolt action repeating rifle like the .408 caliber XM04? You are part of an ever-growing vanguard of discriminating consumers who understand that all competition rifles are most certainly not alike. Fortunately, finding firearms that exceed even the savviest shooters' expectations is easier today than ever before.

Thanks to a group of dedicated and innovative rifle manufacturers that have brought their businesses online, the finest competition rifles ever made are now as close as your own computer. By bringing their high-tech weaponry into the high-tech medium of the Internet, the premier manufacturers have found a perfect home for their products: yours. Indeed, if you understand what sets certain rifles apart, you can now be on your way to identifying, researching and ordering them within minutes--from the comfort of your living room or office.

The Beauty of .408 Caliber XM04s and Others

The beauty of extraordinary firearms, such as the .408 caliber XM04, lies in their manufacturers' unflagging attention to detail. While their breathtaking design and comprehensive lists of guaranteed specifications are indeed impressive, it is less visible qualities such as the capacity to remove and reinstall a fluted 30" barrel with exact tolerance and headspace every time that truly sets these firearms apart. Of course, the fact that they excel in competitions and have been known to set records doesn't hurt, either.

Now that all of your riflery needs can be met in such impressive fashion online, there is no reason to look anywhere else. The top manufacturers understand that a high-performance weapon such as a .408 caliber XM04 is an investment, and stake their reputations on each and every firearm. You should expect nothing less.

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