Airsoft Handguns

Written by Linda Alexander
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Most beginners at AirSoft start out with spring AirSoft handguns, which are realistic replicas of real guns, the only difference being that they fire BBs. They are popular guns and most players have at least one. AirSoft handguns that are spring-powered have the advantage of easy, high-powered mechanisms and high precision. However, they must be cocked between each shot, so you cannot fire very quickly.

AirSoft handguns are also available as gas-powered. These are the oldest type of AirSoft guns and have been around since AirSoft was first developed in the 1980s. Most gas rifles have been replaced by electric guns, although today's gas models are reliable backups. They are semi-automatic or fully-automatic so you can fire them rapidly.

Gas AirSoft Handguns

Gas pistols are more common than gas rifles, partly because of their rapid firing. The pistols with the best performance are gas-powered. There is a large difference in performance among guns, so it's best to test them out or to own several for different uses.

Automatic electric guns (AEG) are very reliable AirSoft guns. Spare parts are easy to find and they are easy to upgraded. They also have a high magazine capacity. The only thing to remember with AEG handguns is to recharge the battery. AEGs were first introduced in the late 1980s but since then have improved greatly. They are the most popular AirSoft guns used today.

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