Airsoft Rifles

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are AirSoft rifles made to replicate nearly every popular rifle today. AirSoft is the Asian equivalent to paintball in the U.S., and it is quickly gaining popularity in this country. Numerous organizations have cropped up all over the place, which play host to role-playing war games with AirSoft rifles.

Military AirSoft Rifles

AirSoft rifles often mimic military rifles. They are particularly useful for tactical training and are also used in military simulation games, similar to paintball. AirSoft is popular with collectors because it is so realistic and inexpensive compared to real firearms. The guns look, feel, and weigh the same as their real counterparts. Even law enforcement officials can have a difficult time distinguishing them from real steel guns.

When you participate in skirmishes with AirSoft rifles, you should be careful to wear the proper protection. Face protection is required for any AirSoft sport, since the guns can cause eye injury or shatter teeth. Neck protection as well as elbow and knee protection are also advised.

AirSoft guns will shoot up to 100 yards if they have been upgraded. Stock guns shoot accurately at up to 50 yards. The three major types are spring powered, gas powered, and electric, powered by batteries. The sport started in Japan, where it is illegal to own firearms.

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