Bore Guides

Written by Josh Dodes
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Sophisticated firearms flourish under the attention of sophisticated care, and few maintenance regimens do the job better then well-machines bore guides. Far more advanced than other cleaning tools, a bore guide distinguishes itself through it mechanism of entry. Instead of your standard issue barrel cleaners, bore guides replace your gun's bolt action to enter from the breech side, where residue is more likely to foul your weapon's performance.

Why go to such trouble to care for the beloved rifle? The simple fact is, guns are powerful tools with sensitive constitutions, and when you reach the upper echelons of design the slightest imperfection can have a demonstrable effect on performance. Think of the difference between smudging your home telescope and smudging a laser-honed astronomy powerhouse.

Bore Guides Can Help

If you have noticed your gun's action misbehaving lately, build-up of powder of similar residues may be partly to blame. Why take your gun apart and clean every piece when well-designed tools such as bore guides can grant you access to pieces you could not otherwise reach? Keep that firearm intact and use the tools the experts have recommended for decades.

You didn't make an investment in a state of the art rifle to let it fall into disarray with poor maintenance. The things that are worth having are worth taking care of, and bore guides may be the best way to see this relationship through properly. Do yourself a favor and see which ones the big gun shops recommend before making this important purchase.

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