Cnc Machined Rifles

Written by Josh Dodes
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CNC machined rifles are revered for their ability to produce consistent, accurate shooting with little fuss. Unlike rifles machined through lesser processes, CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining ensures each part of your gun is created to exacting specifications. That means you remove the element of surprise and replace it with pinpoint precision, courtesy of the newest technologies in the world.

There was a time when long range rifles could not be counted on for the kind of consistency known to other parts of the gun world. Tiny imperfections become magnified at such great distances, and many manufacturers were unable to produce the kind of perfection required to get the best performance out of these guns. That changed when CNC machined rifles such as the Windrunners came along and started winning world records handily.

CNC Machined Rifles: Enter the 21st Century

Not everything you buy works the way it is supposed to. Even the most expensive luxury cars can wear quickly and expensively with extended use thanks to the exigencies of old-world craftsmanship. Only the very latest fabrication processes can ensure every single piece of that precision instrument works in perfect tandem with every other.

Do yourself a favor and see how far the new generation of CNC machined rifles has come. These days the very best weapons are the ones that shoot where you aim with minimal kick and easy disassembly. That means fewer problems to stand in the way of your fun. What else is the science, play, and art of riflery really about?

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