Dewey Cleaning Rods

Written by Josh Dodes
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Dewey cleaning rods were invented to address one of the most common and preventable errors in gun maintenance. If you have spent any time using inferior rods to clean your firearm, you know improper technique can scratch or gall the barrel, rendering your gun essentially useless as a precision weapon. Gunsmiths and avid hobbyists alike know the best way to keep that firearm shooting true and clean is by investing in the right maintenance tools for the job.

Dewey cleaning rods have long been the rods of choice for most experts because of their careful construction and effective removal of residues. Perfect counterweighting and ball-bearing handles ensure smooth motion is the rule of the day when working on your gun. That means far more accurate performance and fewer surprises that send you howling to a repair shop with your head hanging low.

Dewey Cleaning Rods: a Clear Difference

All precision machinery shares certain attributes, and foremost among these is the particular tendency to fall into disrepair without the proper care. Sophisticated parts that work in flawless tandem can become fouled by poor maintenance, but anything worth buying once is certainly worth maintaining. Do that long range rifle a favor and give it the full treatment to make sure it performs for decades like the day you bought it.

Dewey cleaning rods and the right bore guides are the best way to clean your gun without wholly disassembling it month after month. Preventive care such as this can save you from an expensive cleaning or worse, a terrible accident. The best guns are worth the very best maintenance, so get your hands on a product with a proven track record as the experts' rod of choice.

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