Long Range Rifles

Written by Josh Dodes
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Time was, long range rifles were heavy, powerful weapons that only shooters of proven strength and dexterity could wield with ease. Of course, these were, and remain, impressive firearms in most respects. But today, if you know where to look, you can enjoy the benefits of world-class long range rifles that exceed their predecessors in both performance and ease of use.

The key to this transformation has been a handful of experienced manufacturers' willingness to think outside the box while using cutting-edge technology. By employing wire and CNC machining to accomplish greater accuracy in lighter packages than ever before, these exceptional manufacturers have fomented nothing short of a revolution in consumer riflery. Fortunately, the beneficiaries of this revolution are savvy shooters of every level of experience and purchasing capacity.

Long Range Rifles Designed for Ease of Use

By thinking like a customer, the manufacturers of today's premier long range rifles have proven that accuracy, power, and ease of use are not mutually exclusive categories. In fact, of course, the lighter and more easily handled the weapon, the more reliably and universally it can be employed to shoot with exceptional accuracy. That means that even smaller or less experienced shooters can enjoy accuracy of 1 M.O.A. or less.

Why work harder for lesser performance, when you can now work less hard for more reliable, exceptional performance? With a choice this easy, it is no wonder that so many savvy firearms enthusiasts are choosing today's next-generation BMG rifles as their weapons of choice. I encourage you to discover the benefits of joining this prescient group of early adopters.

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