Machine Gun

Written by Scott Martin
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One of the most powerful items ever produced my man is the machine gun. These weapons have helped shape the twentieth century. The machine gun has its roots in the Gatling guns of the nineteenth century.

Machine Gun Firepower

The machine gun provided unparalleled firepower. It could produce a wall of lead to either hold back an enemy advance or to reinforce your own advance. By containing so much force, any side of a battle possessing a machine gun had a distinct advantage.

Many collectors find machine guns to be a great addition to their collection. With each gun comes a little piece of history. With just a glance, you can visualize the brute force contained in such a small package. Indeed, these weapons contain an industrial artistry. Those who wish to purchase these items are often fascinated to find out that it is possible to do so from other aficionadoes as well as retailers via the Internet.

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