Receiver Thread Protectors

Written by Josh Dodes
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What is it about receiver thread protectors that aid in the long life of your gun? If you know anything about the design of long range rifles like the Windrunner, you know those threads can be one of the first pieces of machinery to dull under heavy use. If you want straight, accurate, replicable firepower from your favorite weapon, the best way to protect it is to do so early, often and with the best tools on the market.

Too many times gun owners have complained to manufacturers that their firearm has gone astray long before its day. Many such problems can be traced back to poor maintenance and the willful ignoring of expert advice. Bore guides and rifle chamber guides are just a few of the ways to ensure your weapon fires straight and true for decades into the future.

Receiver Thread Protectors for Elite Guns

There is something special about the very finest firearms available today that wasn't true just a few years ago. Unsurpassed accuracy and precision mean world records are being broken at an alarming rate, and FCSA officials are regularly recalibrating their competitions to keep up with rapid advances. Without safeguards such as receiver thread protectors and similar parts, such precision is usually the first asset to fall by the wayside as your weapon ages.

Don't let it happen to your investment. The best guns do best with regular care and the same attention to detail that went into their manufacture. Do yourself a favor and see what receiver thread protectors can do to lengthen the workable lifetime of that outstanding piece of precision machinery.

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