Written by Josh Dodes
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Prior to the advent of world-class BMG rifles such as the WINDRUNNER, BMG enthusiasts had little choice but to settle for weapons that met certain of their expectations and disappointed others. This was simply a fact of life in an industry where many manufacturers sought to establish specific niches, while conceding other niches to competitors. But in the last few years, all of that has changed.

Thanks to a small group of innovative, experienced rifle manufacturers, serious shooters no longer have to make any sacrifices at all. The new breed of competition rifles are more accurate, lighter, and easier to set up and break down than their predecessors. Best of all, of course, the most impressive of these new BMG rifles are now as close as your own computer.

WINDRUNNERs and the Online Revolution

As in so many markets, the merging of Internet technology and innovative products, such as the WINDRUNNER, has proven to be a perfect match. After all, savvy consumers everywhere have learned that they can explore and research high-tech products with tremendous ease if they know where to look online. Happily, the premier manufacturers and their next-generation rifles, including WINDRUNNERs, are now easily found there.

With world-class weapons so close at hand, today is a remarkable day for recreational shooters. I encourage you to explore your options, and to make the comparisons necessary to make decisions with confidence. Once you do so, you may be amazed that you have waited so long.

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