Buy Hacky Sacks

Written by Diane Sievert
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So now you're intrigued and ready to buy hacky sacks. That's great, but don't dive in without looking! Check out our list of helpful hints for there are several things to consider before you buy hacky sacks.

Things to Know before You Buy Hacky Sacks

If you're interested in playing footbag net, you'll want a special type of hacky sack. Net footbags need to be durable so they can withstand powerful spikes and other moves associated with the game. Make sure to buy hacky sacks made of leather or artificial leather for net footbag.

If freestyle is your game, you can purchase a pellet filled hacky sack. These footbags maintain their roundness kick after kick. Go for a pellet filled footbag if consistency is your aim and you want a bag that's good for group play.

Though pellet filled footbags are good for freestyle, a sand filled hacky sack is the best choice. A sand filled footbag collapses easily and "sticks" to your foot, a definite plus if stalling is your goal. Choose a sand filled footbag and those hard-to-do tricks will seem easier in no time.

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