Footbag Tricks

Written by Diane Sievert
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Once you've learned the basics of hackey sack, you might want to incorporate a few footbag tricks into your repertoire of moves. Some tricks are more difficult than others and they can also be of different categories. Read on to learn more.

The ABCs of Footbag Tricks

The first thing to learn about footbag tricks is the meaning behind those difficulty ratings. The difficulty of a trick is measured by adds, which stand for additional levels of difficulty beyond the basic moves. For example, a move like the Flying Clipper is two adds because it is considered two levels harder than a basic move.

Also good to know are the various categories of footbag tricks. These are the five general categories: (1) leg dexterity (2) delays (3) spins, fliers, and blind moves, (4) unusual surfaces, and (5) cross-body moves. Most of the easier moves come from the delay category, so that's a good place to start.

For further instruction on freestyle footbag, check online. There are several websites devoted to footbag fans and many of these sites contain extensive lists of footbag moves and tricks. So start kicking!

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