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Written by Diane Sievert
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Have a few questions about purchasing footbags plus learning hacky sack basics, tips and tricks? Maybe you want to know a little about the international footbag community. We cover everything you ever wanted to know about the sport of footbag and hacky sacking.

At Footbags Plus we are dedicated to sharing our passion for hackey sack with the rest of the world. So what are you waiting for? Grab a footbag and start kicking!

Get Started with Some Hacky Sack Basics

We've covered all the hacky sack basics for those who are new to the sport. We'll tell what you need to get started. We'll also tell you where to look for the best equipment.

In addition to basic equipment needs, we'll cover some basic moves. There are a few things everyone should know before they learn to shred. Follow our guidelines and you'll be a pro in no time.

No Longer a Newcomer? Check out Some Helpful Hints and Cool Tricks

So you've been hacking forever? Think you know all there is to know about footbags plus freestyle moves? We even have some cool tricks and helpful hints for those who've mastered the basics.

We'll show you how to break in your brand-new footbags plus modify those Rod Laver shoes. We can answer all your questions about the history of hackey sack. We've even covered the physical benefits of playing footbag.

How to Buy Footbags Plus Where to Look First

There's a lot to know before you buy a footbag. Here at Footbags Plus we can answer all your questions about which footbag is best suited for you. We can also tell you the best places to look when it comes time to purchase the perfect hackey sack.

Looking for wholesale footbags plus good deals on individual hacky sacks? We've got the low-down on the benefits of wholesale purchases. We can even recommend a footbag store sure to meet your all your footbag needs.

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