Freestyle Footbag

Written by Diane Sievert
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Want to know the ins and outs of freestyle footbag? First thing to know is it's not nearly as easy as it looks. Today's competitive freestylers spend innumerable hours practicing and perfecting their footbag routines.

The Four Aspects of Freestyle Footbag

Choreography, execution, variety and difficulty are the four main criteria used to judge freestyle footbag competitors. Each routine is choreographed to music and the competitor is judged on the originality and creativity of his/her choreography. The overall execution of the moves is also a factor in judging the routine.

Variety is another important aspect of freestyle footbag. The best competitors are expected to incorporate moves that draw from each of these five different categories: 1) leg dexterity, 2) delays, 3) spins, fliers, and blind moves, 4) unusual surfaces, and 5) cross-body moves.

Difficulty is the last area to consider when designing or judging a freestyle routine. Judges take care to note the difficulty of each move. Later, a total is calculated which determines the footbag player's overall difficulty rating.

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