Freestyle Hacky Sack

Written by Diane Sievert
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Though some train to play footbag net and others choreograph routines, most people prefer freestyle hacky sack. This version of footbag evolved from "hacking" in a circle. Today this kind of footbag is still the most commonly played form of the game.

General Rules of Freestyle Hacky Sack

To begin a round of freestyle hacky sack, you start with a courtesy toss. As with all other footbag games, there are no hands allowed. The rally is over when the footbag hits the ground.

The object of the game is to pass the footbag to every player in the circle. More advanced players will choose to pass the footbag in a specific direction. This ensures no one in the circle is repeatedly skipped.

This game is called freestyle hacky sack because some players will attempt to do tricks with the footbag. Incorporating freestyle moves is fun and entertaining. Even those who have choreographed elaborate footbag routines will practice this way because it forces them to improvise and utilize all their hackey sack skills.

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