Hackey Sack

Written by Diane Sievert
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So you played a few games with friends and you've mastered the hacky sack basics. Good for you! Now you're on your way to being physically fit.

The Physical Benefits of Hackey Sack

Hackey sack was invented by a couple of atheletes, one of whom was looking for way to strengthen his knees. Playing hackey sack is a great lower body workout. Every time you kick, you're working out all your leg muscles as well as strengthening those ankles and knees.

Hackey sack is a terrific way to better one's balance. Every time you kick, you must use your other leg as your sole source of support. Eventually, you'll find hours of playing have indeed improved your balance.

Finally, you'll see a major change in your eye-foot coordination. One of the keys to becoming a good player is to never take your eyes from the footbag. As your skills grow, so will your eye-foot coordination.

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