Hacky Sacking

Written by Diane Sievert
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You've seen them in circles, laughing, having a good time. They'll stand there hacky sacking forever it seems. Ready to join in?

The Basic Moves of Hacky Sacking

The first move of hacky sacking to conquer is the side kick. To execute the side kick, the footbag must fall to the left or right of the body. Raise your kicking foot sideways making sure the footbag lands in the center on the outside of the foot.

Another key move of hacky sacking is the back kick. To execute the back kick, the footbag must pass your body on the left or right side. As the footbag passes, turn your upper body about 90 degrees so you can see the footbag and thrust your kicking foot outward and upward to make contact with the footbag.

Last but not least is the toe kick. To execute the toe kick, you will be fully extending the kicking foot and leg upward. This kick is generally done when the footbag falls in front of your body.

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