Sand Footbags

Written by Diane Sievert
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Ready to do some serious footbag tricks? Then consider buying sand footbags. Nothing beats a sand filled footbag when it comes to pulling off a move of four or five adds!

The Benefits of Sand Footbags

Why are sand footbags the best for serious freestylers? When the bag is filled with sand instead of pellets, it makes the bag collapse more easily. Since the bag collapses easier, it won't bounce off your knee or foot.

Because sand footbags don't bounce, they stick to your foot much better than ordinary hackey sacks. This is very helpful if you want to do freestyle tricks, especially delays. Sand filled footbags are slower playing and give you a little more time to make that trick work.

So you've purchased your sand filled footbag and it's giving you some trouble--don't worry! If you're used to playing with pellet filled footbags, it's going to take you a little time to adjust. Just remember that sand filled footbags have very little "pop" and you should compensate accordingly.

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