Where To Buy Footbags

Written by Diane Sievert
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If you're not sure about where to buy footbags, relax! You're not alone. This is a commonly asked question and we can help.

Tips on Where to Buy Footbags

1) Check online! There are several websites devoted not only to footbag tricks and playing tips, but to footbag equipment as well. Go to our main page to see our recommended source for footbags.

2) Visit your local sporting goods store. Footbag is a popular sport recognized with official competitions and tournaments. Today's sporting goods stores, especially large retail chains, should carry several varieties of footbags.

3) Still stumped about where to buy footbags? Try locating a footbag club near you and talking to some of the members. Ask them for advice on where to buy footbags in your area.

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