Coaching Quarterbacks

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are a football coach involved in the critical task of coaching quarterbacks, you know that you have been given a tremendous responsibility. Quarterback is perhaps the single most important position on a football team, and as a quarterback coach, it is your job not only to inspire a kid to be the best athlete he can be, but you've also got to communicate in no uncertain terms what it means to be a leader. Because as you well know, it is inescapable that the leadership of any football team starts with the quarterback.

Coaching Quarterbacks: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As a quarterback coach, you have in your hands the opportunity to inspire a kid to become a great leader, a great football player, and in essence, to become a man. In order to have this transformation take place, you've got to have the best tools available to you at your disposal. You've got to have the best drills, the best coaching techniques, and you've got to explore as many options as possible so that you find a training method that really lands for a kid, one that really allows him to fulfill his potential.

It's true that you have a great responsibility, but it's also true that you have an unlimited range of resources to choose from, as long as you do your research. With the explosion of the internet, you've got tools available to you as a quarterback coach that would not have been options even 10 years ago. Again, do your research, and find the techniques, training methods, and drills that will have your quarterbacks' raw talent transformed into legitimate leadership for the team.

As you know, the business of coaching quarterbacks is like being in a pressure cooker, particularly as you move up in levels of competition. Everyday as a quarterbacks coach, you willingly throw yourself into the crucible, and willingly take on the huge responsibility of developing a kid to become a leader. You've worked extremely hard to put yourself in this position, so give yourself every tool that you can to improve your own capabilities as a coach, and get the results in performance and excellence from your kids that you always knew were possible.

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