Elite 11

Written by Dallas Smith
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As either a high-school quarterbacks coach or as a high-school quarterback, you are probably aware of one of the nation's premier quarterback camps, the Student Sports Elite 11 Camp. This camp is quickly gaining momentum as one of the top showcases of the nation's best high-school quarterbacks, where these players can not only display their outstanding skills, but also hone those skills as they prepare to enroll in some of the nation's best collegiate football programs. Some of the top young college quarterbacks playing today passed through the Elite 11 camp, such as Chris Rix of Florida State, Casey Clausen of Tennessee, and Jeff Smoker at Michigan State.

What all of these quarterbacks have in common, as well as the current and future participants in the Elite 11 camp, is an outstanding desire to succeed at their position that sets them a step above the competition. Unquestionably, these players and the players that will follow them have incredible talent that defines them on a level easily visible to everyone who sees them play. The question is, though, what is going on beneath the surface that drives these players to be exceptional, and to truly rise above their peers? In other words, what is it, at a level of pure fundamentals, that gives these players the edge over the next guy?

The Elite 11: What It Takes to Make It to the Top

In order to rise to the level of the elite quarterbacks, you've got to do whatever it takes to make yourself better at your position. As a coach, you've got to give your quarterbacks the best coaching in fundamentals, training techniques, and conditioning methods available, in order to maximize their potential. As a player, you've got to consistently perform the drills available to you to develop your accuracy, your dropback, your efficiency, your mechanics, your conditioning, and every other intangible that goes into making you the best player you can be.

The tools are out there for you to be either the most effective coach or player that you can be. As a coach, that means getting a high level of performance and consistent results out of your quarterbacks, and as a player, that means producing the kind of results for your team, not only in sheer numbers, but also in outstanding leadership, that will take you to the level of the top players such as those invited to the Elite 11 camp. Do your homework, spend the time to research the best programs out there for developing your skills, as a coach or a player, and you'll be amazed to find your skills rising to the levels of those top coaches and players.

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