High School Quarterbacks

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are a high school football player looking to move into the position of quarterback, or you are already established in the position but are looking to improve your skills, there are a number of opportunities available to you. First, if you are not currently established in the position, your options are to spend time away from practice performing drills that you have designed that you think can improve your quarterback skills. Similarly, if you are a current quarterback, you can spend time outside of practice working on the drills and techniques that you perform during practice.

Regardless of your situation, because elite high school quarterbacks are such a valuable commodity, to be a great quarterback at the high-school level is to guarantee yourself a college scholarship. You probably want to consider enrolling in one of the many high-profile quarterback camps available around the country. Spending time on your own working on quarterback techniques is a great way to improve your ability and confidence, but ideally, working in a structured, coached environment away from the pressures of school is one of the best ways to reach a performance level that will increase your visibility on the college scene.

Reaching the Elite Level Among High School Quarterbacks

If you are truly committed to becoming one of the top high school quarterbacks, or even committed to putting yourself in a position to earn a college scholarship, it is crucial that you spend as much time as possible developing your skills. Doing the work day in and day out in practice, surrounded by your coaches and teammates, should be your first priority. Spending time outside of practice to improve your effectiveness and increase your performance should be your second priority, and if this means attending a quarterback camp, then you can only benefit from the additional coaching in a team environment.

After all, as you know, high school quarterbacks bear a singular responsibility to be the leaders of the team. The more you can put yourself in a team situation, the more familiar you will become with the specific duties and responsibilities you have in the quarterback position. Take the initiative and get a jump on your competition by enrolling in a quarterback camp, and get an intensive course in the quarterback position that will lead to a dramatic increase in your capabilities at game time.

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