Quarterback Drills

Written by Dallas Smith
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As an aspiring quarterback, you are totally committed to being better than the competition. The quarterback drills you perform in practice are a critical element of your development that will enable you to become stronger, faster, sharper, and more accurate than the next guy, the guy who could challenge you for the starting position. If you want to be the top dog, you've got to do the work in your down time that will make you a star when it's game time.

Quarterback Drills: Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you are one of the best athletes every time you step on the football field, your raw skill will be no advantage to you if you haven't put in the legwork during practice time. Sure, you might be on one day, hitting passes, making reads, and delivering the ball with laser accuracy, but don't expect to keep it up day in and day out if you haven't been grinding it out in practice. Your consistency as a quarterback you develop through consistent practice, when you work day after day refining your throwing techniques, your dropbacks, and your decision-making in the pocket.

Also, as you perform well-designed quarterback drills with an absolute commitment to becoming the most solid player you can be, your dedication is going to show up for your coaches and your teammates. When you give 110 percent to every drill, meaning you stay focused, stay present, and continue to push yourself beyond what you thought possible, your teammates are going to look to you as the standard for they should carry themselves. When you set the bar in such a way, you're displaying instant leadership, a key quality in every top quarterback who has ever played the game.

Step up and be a leader on the field, and use the quarterback drills you do in practice as an opportunity to practice not only your fundamental skills, but most importantly, your leadership skills. When coaches start to see the other players looking to you as the standard for performance, that's when you will be poised to take the starting position. If you're tired of standing in the shadows, start showing up during practice time like you never have before, and soon you'll be showing up in game time like you always dreamed you could.

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