Quarterback Footwork

Written by Dallas Smith
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As an established quarterback always looking to improve your game, you know of any number of fundamentals it is crucial to learn to guarantee your consistent performance. Calling the right plays, staying focused on the count, making your reads, and delivering the football at the exact right moment -- these are all important parts of the whole that go into making you a consistent, accurate quarterback. Another fundamental that can be included in the mix is your quarterback footwork, which you know to be crucial not only when you are dropping back in the pocket, but also when you are flushed out and still have to square up to make a dead-on pass.

The drills you perform that improve your footwork are therefore extremely important to your success as a quarterback, and can mean the difference between a solid ball thrown right to the numbers, or a costly interception going the other way for a touchdown. Your ability to square up, lock on to your receiver, and fire the perfect strike starts from the ground up -- with your footwork. Knowing the critical importance of solid footwork, you have the opportunity to nail down all the fundamentals as you grind it out everyday on the practice field, so that when game time rolls around, your footwork is an afterthought, leaving your mind free to focus on leading your team to a win.

Explode Away From the Center: Techniques For Improving Quarterback Footwork

As a committed quarterback, take advantage of every opportunity and every technique for improving your footwork. Running tires, jumping rope, and other techniques that increase your coordination and foot speed are all effective methods that when practiced rigorously day in and day out, will improve your ability to "explode" away from the center into the pocket. Also, working in the weight room to increase your leg strength, matched with proper conditioning to keep you limber during the game, will provide you the power to get into your drop as quickly as possible. Do the work during practice and in the weight room, and when game time comes and you're beating the blitzes, making your reads, and staying one step ahead of those linemen coming on like freight trains, you'll more than reap the benefits from all your hard time in down time.

As you can see, improving your quarterback footwork is essential to your survival in the pocket, and therefore essential to your efficiency and productivity as a quarterback. Give 110 percent to every drill that improves your footwork, build strength and maintain conditioning, and you'll be amazed at how effective you are at getting rid of the ball, or when pressed, evading oncoming defenders for those extra yards that will get you that crucial first down. Finally, remember that ideally, your feet are the only part of your body you want touching the ground, so give them a fighting chance to get you out of harm's way, and fast!

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