Quarterback Training

Written by Dallas Smith
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Possibly the single most important element of any aspiring quarterback's development is his quarterback training. If you are a quarterback desiring to reach the top level of competition, as you should be, you certainly know the importance of committing 110 percent to your training in order to reach your goals and to be the best you can be. It might be true that you possess the raw talent, the basic skills, and the heart to be successful at your position, but without a total commitment of mind, body, and soul to your training, can you really expect to reach the elite level?

Let Your Level of Quarterback Training Define You as a Player

When you gain a reputation as a quarterback willing to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears on the practice field, you'll quickly gain the respect of your coaches and teammates. You are, after all, the unquestionable leader of the team, so you've got to set the pace not only at game time, but every day in practice, as well. When your hard work begins to trickle down to every player on the field, you'll not only be convinced of your own dedication, but also of your ability to get your whole team on the same page, with a total commitment to winning.

Take on your leadership role with the same gusto that you display in your training, and you'll soon see your time lining up in step behind you. In your quarterback training, your determination must extend to every drill, every request of your coaches, your work in the weight room, and your general conditioning. When you extend your focus to the total aspect of your position, you'll soon become the total quarterback, with a perfect foundation on which to build your solid leadership.

Take the first step towards excellence on the practice field, and when your preparation and discipline show up as a finished product at game time, you'll be rewarded with all the glory and adulation that is bestowed on you as quarterback of a football team. Forge that preparation and discipline through your quarterback training, through every dropback, every read, every pass, and every bootleg. Put in the time and effort during the week, and you'll show up as the hero on the weekends.

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