Quarterback Training Focus

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are a current or aspiring quarterback committed to making yourself the best all-around player that you can, and you are looking for an online resource that can lead you to the tools you need to rise to the next level, then look no further than the Internet. There are many online resources dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive information available regarding how you can improve your skills at the quarterback position. As you well know, the quarterback skills you need to be successful encompass a wide range of fundamentals, from your throwing technique, your drops, your footwork, your accuracy, and others, all the way up to your leadership skills.

Because of the singular responsibility you have to perform these fundamentals at a high level, while at the same time functioning as the leader of your team, quarterback training should focus on providing you with the information you need to be prepared to guide your team to victory as soon as you hit the field. There are many ways to improve your fundamental performance techniques through drills and conditioning, attending the top quarterback camps, watching the best quarterback videos, and studying some of the best quarterbacks in the game, quarterbacks who have set the bar defining the highest levels of performance.

Quarterback Training Focus: Your Doorway to Excellence

To reach the highest levels of your position, whether it be in high school, college, or in the professional leagues, it's great to start with raw talent and natural ability. However, to look just below the surface of the history of the game of football is to find any number of players who, though blessed with tremendous natural ability, never reached the level of the elite, and whose careers have slipped permanently under the radar. I believe that the true glory of the game is reserved for those who learn to harness their natural ability (even if it comes down to just having a decent throwing arm and two good legs!), and through extremely hard work and dedication to the game, commit to giving their heart and soul to reaching the highest level.

In this regard, there are any number of great quarterbacks who weren't necessarily great athletes, but who learned to channel all their strengths, from accuracy, to sharp thinking, to staying poised in the pocket, and so on, into a unified force that gave them consistent success throughout their careers. In other words, get a lock on each fundamental of your position, and have a foundation to build on throughout your entire playing career.

Playing Quarterback: Like Stepping Into the Fire

Anyone who has ever played the position of quarterback is aware of the tremendous pressure thrown upon the player who dares step behind the center. When the team is winning, the quarterback gets the glory, yes, but at the same time, winning is expected of him, as part of his job description. On the other hand, when the team is losing, the greater part of the blame falls on the quarterback, and when interceptions start piling up with the losses, heads are going to roll, starting with the quarterback's!

Despite this tremendous pressure, though, there is hope, because throughout the illustrious history of the game, the greatest glory has always been reserved for the great quarterbacks, the men who have seemed to single-handedly elevate their teams to a level of performance no one thought possible. In essence, with such great responsibility comes the greatest rewards, and fans of the game have always viewed the great quarterbacks as somehow superhuman, bestowing upon them a level of awe and respect just a bit greater than the players of any other position. To seek this level of adulation, then, is to invite tremendous responsibility, but what greater challenge promising such great rewards exists in the game of football?

Master the Fundamentals Today, Be Successful For Years To Come

All good players and coaches are convinced that through mastery of the fundamentals of the quarterback position, a quarterback can ensure his success in the long run. To that end, there is extensive information available on how you, as a quarterback, can nail down those basic skills so that they will always be there for you to fall back on. Do yourself the greatest favor as a quarterback by mastering the fundamentals now, and years down the road they will serve to guide you through the slumps that every player faces on his way to success.

Ultimately, the challenge rests with you to strive to be the best player, day in and day out, that you can be. I am convinced that you can save yourself endless hours of frustration as you reach for your goals by creating a framework of fundamentals that will quickly get you back on the winning track. Do whatever it takes to refine your skills and techniques, even being ready to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears, and I guarantee that you will reach your goal of being an outstanding quarterback.

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