Throwing The Football

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you are the quarterback of a football team, there are a number of key elements that define your position, such as your leadership, your footwork, handoffs, reading the defense, and so on. However, when you get down to the essential function of any quarterback, his ultimate role on the football field is that of throwing the football. It sounds simple, but as any quarterback knows, there is a world of practicing, repetition, and fine-tuning that goes into simply delivering the ball from your hands into the hands of the receiver.

Also, in a game of inches, where championships are won and lost on balls delivered just a hairbreadth beyond the reach of the cornerback, right into the waiting hands of the receiver, a quarterbacks accuracy, or lack thereof, can mean a long, legendary career, or a trail of interceptions leading straight to career oblivion. In fact, the road to football glory is strewn with quarterbacks who, though they were great athletes with tremendous upside, could never master the art of throwing the football, and thus fell by the wayside like so many before them.

Throwing the Football: Mastery Equals Longevity

If throwing the football is an art, as many who have seen the perfect 60-yard spiral can attest to, then like great art, making a career out of throwing the football requires mastery. This concept doesn't seem so far off when we think of the great quarterbacks of recent times, "artists" such as Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Warren Moon. Watching these men throw a football was truly poetry in motion. Despite their stature as quarterback deities, though, these guys didn't wake up one day and start throwing perfect, dead-on spirals. Instead, they undoubtedly spent countless hours on the practice field, making throw after throw until their arms felt like they would fall off, each one driven by an unquenchable desire to be the most accurate, consistent quarterback he could be.

The template is there, in other words, for you to be a successful quarterback over the long run, should you choose to put in the practice time developing your accuracy and consistency that will ensure your own longevity. There are any number of options to you to improve your throwing technique, whether it be seeking help from coaches, putting in extra hours on the practice field, attending quarterback camps, and so on. Whatever method you choose, dedicate yourself to it mind, body, and soul, and who knows how far you can go?

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