Written by Alex Miller
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AccuFLEX says its mission is "building a golf shaft to fit every swing," and in a few short years, the company has impressed pros and amateurs alike. When first introduced on the pro golf circuit in 2002, its ICON and ICON.V.2 shafts posted victories on the and PGA tours in their first two weeks in play. From there, the company hasn't looked back, with its products finding their way into the golf bags of winners on a variety of tours.

It may seem an unprecedented record for a company still so young, but there's more to the story. Before a single shaft was sold, more than three years had gone into the development of the AccuFLEX revolutionary and proprietary filament winding process. The AccuFLEX team knew that, to fulfill the goal of a "shaft for every swing," they would need to satisfy the toughest clients of all on the pro tour, and they appear to have met that challenge. By creating shafts over 55" but still weighing under 100 grams, the company set a benchmark for the industry and revolutionized the long-drive club.

AccuFLEX for Everyone

In addition to shafts aimed at higher-end players, AccuFLEX is continually working on products for golfers of varying abilities, both male and female. The company also believes that meeting its goal of a shaft for every swing would be an idle claim if it couldn't deliver them for a fair price. In addition to providing that perfect shaft for everyone, the company wants to make sure golfers everywhere can afford its graphite and steel shafts.

Based in North Carolina, AccuFLEX makes shafts that feature tighter shaft symmetry tolerances and remarkably consistent weights, torques, flexes and bend profiles, ensuring reliable performance throughout its entire line. Every single shaft is tested, and the results are as consistent as the properties: shafts that are, on average, 3.5 times stronger than standard "table rolled" graphite shafts. You don't have to understand the science behind it to appreciate the difference that makes in your swing.

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