Accuflex Golf Shafts

Written by Scott Martin
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Accuflex golf shafts are quality shafts, made from some of the materials on the golf market today. They have many varities of shafts, varying in color, weight and length. You can assess which type of shaft would work best for your personal preferences and then make the best choice.

Accuflex Golf Shafts Basics

Accuflex golf shafts include many different models such as the Accuflex 265, the Accuflex Assassin and the Accuflex Havoc. The 265 is a light shaft weighing 78 grams and is known for its superb performance. It is a great deal as it is one of the more affordable of the Accuflex golf shafts.

The Accuflex Assassin is a long driving shaft that is known for its graphite technology. It is a long shaft, over 50", but still under 100 grams and very stiff. Accuflex also makes the Assassin 2 which brings the Assassin down to a more standard length. Both of these shafts are also in very affordable for most golfers.

The Accuflex Havoc is one of the higher end Accuflex golf shafts. It is 62" in length, weighing 112 grams with a 3.25 torque. It is been praised as a very stable and high performing golf shaft.

Accuflex also makes many more golf shafts such as the Accuflex Extreme LD, the Accuflex Icon, and the Accuflex Extreme 2.

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