Accurate Golf Shots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Accurate golf shots may be some of the most sought after things in the world, yet they come rarely to many of us. We'll line up in the tee box on the first hole, focusing ever so intently and smash a tremendous drive 300 yards-over the freeway and into a ditch. We immediately feel the initial elation giving way to frustration and horror as we realize we have to take a drop and a two-stroke penalty. This sets us off on an unavoidable path of miffed shots, poor putts, and general all around frustration for the rest of the round.

How Do I Hit Accurate Golf Shots?

How do you overcome this frustration and get back to a place where you can consistently hit accurate golf shots? That is the question golfers the world over ask themselves at the end of every triple digit round. Well, it comes down to a number of things. First, you must make sure you have the right equipment and the hours at the range going for you before you ever step foot on the course. Then you have to remain patient, clearing your head and focusing on every shot. This last thing can be the hardest, but like any good athlete you must learn to leave the bad behind you and move on to your next shot. It does no good to obsess over your last errant shot when you are trying to focus on the shot at hand.

Golf is as much a psychological game as it is a physical one. Just you against the elements, trying to take the shortest route from the tee box to the hole. It can become a war against yourself, for the game does not lend itself to the same adrenaline-driven nature as other sports. Most of us will never play in the Masters, trying to one-up Tiger on the back nine. We are essentially playing against ourselves, always striving to shave another stoke off our scores.

The only answer to hitting accurate golf shots, beyond improving your physical skills, is working on the mental part of the game. Learning how to shake off bad shots, focus on every strike of the ball, and keeping a clear head--these are the ways you get better at golf. Not by letting your emotions dictate your play.

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