Aldila Golf Shafts

Written by Kevin Little
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Aldila golf shafts keep getting more and more rave reviews from players whose games have improved with these performance products. If you don't believe me, just ask Rich Beem--he won the 2002 PGA using Aldila shafts on his woods and irons. Not a bad example to follow!

One of the great things about Aldila golf shafts is the range of options you'll have with each model. Choose from different flexes, different lengths--Aldila supplies all of the choices necessary to fit your game. A range of models and a range of different specifications for each model make for unparalleled selection.

Aldila Golf Shafts: Wallet Friendly Quality

Aldila didn't jack up the prices on their products just because they won a Major (with a little help from Rich). Even Mr. Beem's preferred Tour Gold shafts aren't going to put a dent in own bank account. No matter what kind of club heads you put on Aldila golf shafts, you can be assured of a playable, affordable set of clubs.

Aldila is no slouch when it comes to technology, introducing a progression in tip stiffness that makes for great golf shots. This design produces both long distance drives and accurate irons for a complete package of performance features. No matter what shot you're going for, you can be sure that Aldila will give you a great chance to make it!

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