Apollo Golf Shafts

Written by Kevin Little
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Apollo golf shafts are a wonderful addition for any golfer with an appreciation for the history of the game. The Apollo company was a major player in the development of golf club technology, laying the foundation for the game we know today. Their long resume of golfing innovation continues to this day, as they still manufacture some of the best graphite and steel shafts with which you can play.

Early in the twentieth century, Apollo (then known as Accles & Pollock) was granted the first patent for a steel shaft based on tubular design. The year was 1913, and this English company was about to change the face of golf. Despite having to wait fourteen years for these steel shafts to be approved, Accles and Pollock finally found acceptance in 1927. Soon, the wooden shafts used up until that point were a thing of the past.

Today's Apollo Golf Shafts

In 1986, the company's name was changed to Apollo, just in time to change the course of golfing history once again. In 1988, Apollo golf shafts were introduced in graphite, marking another first in the annals of golf. Today, Apollo continues to offer shafts of both steel and graphite for use by the discerning player.

Apollo golf shafts are among the best bargains in the sport. After all the years of club design, Apollo certainly knows how to make a quality product, not to mention a very-cost effective one. If history is any guide, Apollo should be coming up on a game-changing breakthrough any time now!

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