Arizona Golf Clubs

Written by Shirley Parker
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Most of the golf clubs still viable in Arizona present exciting challenges for the enthusiast at several levels of proficiency. This holds true whether they're geared toward families who golf together or to the 55-and-up crowd, of which there are many thousands in Arizona. The southern half of the state especially remains a magnet for the upper class buying second homes, as well as retirees.

New Arizona golf clubs aren't being built as fast as they once were, due to a number of valid concerns. The same situation exists for golf communities, where developers no longer "put golf in" automatically. Reasons for the slowdown include: current supply is enough, or too much; too little open space remains in the area; and everyone suffers if available water supply becomes exhausted.

Because of this, you may be able to score some great deals offered by current course owners. Many offer incentives such as lower greens fees or discounted memberships to encourage new participation. If you're visiting, it may be worth your while to call around and inquire about specials or discounts for tourists.

Things to Look for in Arizona Golf Clubs

Golf clubs should offer instruction from a resident golf pro. You should be able to work with a professional as well as sign up for a series of lessons. Often, there will be special lessons for children, too. If you are vacationing with the family, it's worthwhile to check into such classes to keep your kids occupied while you're out on the links. Some resorts will offer special children's areas, too, where kids can play or be entertained while you're trying to make par. You may also want to look for equipment rentals if you're not fond of the idea of slinging your clubs all the way through the airport.

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