Arizona Golf Homes

Written by Shirley Parker
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Every licensed real estate agent in Arizona knows where the golf courses are located. If their community doesn't have one, they know exactly where the nearest one is, be it private, semi-private or public. Of course, not every resident of the state plays golf or is even interested in it, but a growing number recognize the importance of golf to Arizona's economy. If a client wants to buy or sell a golf home, a real estate agent can match them up with the right property or put them into a different type of housing.

Communities such as Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson generally offer many choices between golf homes and golf condos or townhomes. Many new residents purchase a golf home, even though they don't play golf. They fell in love with the house itself and enjoy looking at the golf course and its activities, in spite of the bucket full of stray golf balls that they've been collecting.

Before buying, make sure you get a copy of the homeowners association rules (if this applies) so you can read the fine print. Find out who pays for broken windows, and whether they'll do anything to prevent them, among other "incidentals" that are listed. The association may not want you to see the rules until after you buy, so stick to your guns and insist on knowing what's in that contract ahead of time.

Wildlife Comes with the Beautiful Sunsets

Along with the saguaro cactus and other desert plants silhouetted against sunrises and sunsets, Arizona golf homes have members of the animal kingdom who share their living space, including coyotes, skunks, ground squirrels, and a variety of birds. If you pour your breakfast milk into a glass that's been sitting on a patio table, don't be too shocked to see a little lizard face surfacing to stare at you. A king snake may take an evening stroll over your back wall and down into the rock garden. Arizona is a wonderful place to combine multiple interests--golf, nature watching, photography, exploring, etc. No matter how many family members you're bringing with you, they'll each find something to pursue.

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