Arizona Golf Properties

Written by Shirley Parker
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Some Arizona communities built around golf courses are still not fully developed. Buyers may have the choice of purchasing a fully landscaped and finished home or a custom lot on which an architect will design the specific home of their dreams. Either option can cost a substantial sum of money, if the property is part of a private community.

Other golf properties may have a semi-private golf course and be in a more reasonable price range. Various activity or membership fees for using amenities on the property will still be charged, either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If pets are accepted at all, restrictions probably apply. However, some luxury resorts and rentals are pet-friendly.

Association, membership or social fees are generally well tolerated by the homeowners. Associations are there for a reason--to safeguard the community, to look out for the community's interests, and to advance the interests of the community. If you're purchasing a property that is part of such a community, be sure to ask about fees, and what those fees entitle you to.

Spectacular Scenery beyond the Developments

Development is spreading out from the Phoenix and Tucson areas into the smaller communities. While many golf properties still have sweeping desert and mountain views, more subdivisions are being built all the time. Arizona's cities are developing suburbs, and taking on more characteristics of larger cities. This means more amenities and arts in the larger cities, to the delight of the state's culture-seekers.

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