Arizona Golf Resorts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Arizona golf resorts have a long tradition of luxury to live up to. The San Marcos Golf Resort and Conference Center was the first. Built in 1912 in Chandler, its accommodations and grounds are an ornate landmark that can't be missed by residents or visitors.

By contrast, the newest resort in South Phoenix is called Legacy Golf Resort. Named for its history, it was built on the only land (280 acres) remaining from respected businessman Dwight B. Heard's 6,000-acre ranch that he'd purchased in 1895. Heard had gradually sold other parcels of the ranch to accommodate the increasing housing needs of the growing Phoenix area.

Golf is the major attraction of many Arizona resorts. They often have 18-hole championship courses, designed by pros in the field (Trent Jones, Nicklaus, etc.). However, additional acres are given over to landscaping, fitness facilities, swimming pools, business conference centers and auditoriums. Banquet facilities are usually outstanding. Suites may have kitchens, or time-share villas may surround the golf course. Even the older resorts have been retrofitted to accommodate modem ports and voice-mail enabled telephones.

Alternative Golf Resorts and a Note about the Weather

RV golf resorts charge quite a bit less than the four and five star variety. Many golfers, including the pros, wouldn't make a reservation anywhere else. There's nothing like your own home away from home for comfort and privacy, when privacy is what you need to decompress and recharge the internal batteries. An RV resort will also offer considerable discounts on greens fees to guests who check in for a long-term stay (one to five months).

Some Arizona cities brag about perfect weather conditions all year round. That's not entirely true these days, given the change in global weather that's clobbering everyone's best-laid plans. Nor are their summer temperatures outdoors in the range that everyone can tolerate. Yet most days in the southern half of the state would be fit to play golf, if you were on the course early. And you'll be rewarded with spectacular scenery at most of them.

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