Arizona Golf Vacations

Written by Shirley Parker
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Some of the golf destinations in Arizona, especially in the Tucson area, are ranked by those in the know as being second only to Pebble Beach, California. Coming from those who play well, this is high praise. At the present time, Arizona golf vacations certainly cost less than Pebble Beach, though it's unlikely a true comparison is possible. For one thing, the range of accommodations and other activities available in Arizona is too broad. For another, the weather at each location is unique.

Arizona golf vacations can be booked directly online or through an agency. Either way, the avid tourist will do a fair amount of research first, will request a confirmation number for the reservation, and will call again to verify it before leaving home. Nothing quite ruins a trip like the hotel claiming never to have heard of you when you arrive.

The professional or intermediate player wants challenges that differ from those needed by first-time or amateur golfers. That brings up the question of golf schools. Is there a nearby academy or someone at the hotel or resort who can teach the rest of the family, while the player finds others to make up a foursome? If the number of golfers is known, tee times can even be booked online prior to arrival. The resort may even match up golfers and tee times. It doesn't hurt to ask.

For Budgets with Different Priorities

Instead of staying at a hotel or resort, some vacationers opt for a condominium or townhome vacation rental. They may even own a time-share, if they'd felt they would use it often enough. Some private homeowners also rent out rooms to earn a little extra income. Snowbirds from Utah flock to Arizona in the winter, where they've previously purchased single- or double-wide trailer homes. There are even golf vacationers who go to golf resorts that cater to RV owners, if they can get a reservation in such a wildly popular place.

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