Avon Golf Grips

Written by Kevin Little
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Avon golf grips are very popular with those who have an eye on the good life. Avon specializes in chamois grips, as chamois seems made for those who prefer the utmost comfort when playing their game. It's hard to beat that luxuriously soft surface when it comes to lining up your shots.

Chamois is so comfortable you may find yourself taking extra time to choose your clubs--why not consider them all if they're equipped with Avon golf grips? When you finally get around to hitting your shot, chamois will provide excellent club feedback with minimal shock, which allows you to make the subtle adjustments that save strokes. With such great feel, you might feel a little sorry that you don't have more shots to hit!

Installing Avon Golf Grips

It's a good idea to get in the habit of installing your own Avon golf grips, as working on your clubs yourself can save you a lot of money. If you're tired of paying regripping fees, learn to maintain your clubs on your own. All of the tools you'll need can be had for less than $30, though you likely already own most of them!

In fact, if you own a vise, you're almost ready to install grips right away. You'll also need grip solvent, a utility knife (preferably one equipped with hook blades for easy removal of your old grip), and grip tape. A clamp for the shaft of your club is also a useful item to have, as it will prevent the vise from coming in contact with your club shaft. Once you have your materials in hand, simply make your way to one of the many sites that offer tips for replacing your old grips--though you've probably already figured out most of the process by now!

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