Backyard Putting Greens

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Every golfer dreams of having a personal putting green in his backyard. Backyard putting greens have been around nearly as long as the game itself. Traditionally, backyard putting greens were only available to a small percentage of the golfing population. Natural grass greens require a substantial investment of time and money. The widespread availability of synthetic turf products has made backyard putting greens an affordable dream for many in the golfing population.

Basics of Backyard Putting Greens

The first step to building a backyard putting green is to determine the size and location of the green. Golf course greens will range from just over 3,000 square feet to over 10,000 square feet of putting surface. That is a bit large for most backyards and hence, backyard putting greens are much smaller. The size and location of the green will depend on the size of the space available. Greens can be built in a space as little as 300 square feet or can cover several thousand square feet.

The next step is to determine whether you will use natural or synthetic turf. Synthetic turf will be the most practical option for a majority of people. Natural turf greens require a high degree of maintenance and tender loving care. Natural greens will cost much more not only during construction but through maintenance as well. The type of synthetic turf to use, nylon or plastic, will depend on the intended use of the green and your budget. An experienced synthetic turf dealer will be able to aid in determining which turf style is right for you.

The final step is simply designing and installing the green. Designing the green basically entails hole placement and undulation design. Installing the green doesn't require a high degree of experience. Many synthetic green providers have created systems that allow anyone to build their greens. Small backyard greens can be built in as little as one day. Once the green is built the turf may need to be broken in for a short period. After the "break in" time, the green is ready to be played on.

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