Bang O Matic

Written by Alex Miller
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The Bang O Matic is a golf product that is fairly new to the market. The thing that sets the Bang O Matic apart from other clubs is that its head is cast. Generally, casting is more consistent than forging golf heads.

How Will a Bang O Matic Affect My Game?

The Bang O Matic features a unique flow alignment system which touts that the energy transfer is 94% directional energy. This means that your swings will be both stronger and more accurate. If the Bang O Matic can improve your accuracy and distance then it's certainly a great choice for any golfer.

The Bang O Matic is also a heavier golf club which allows for a deeper bore and draw bias. The head size on this club is 400cc which most golfers find conducive to their game. You can try the club to see how it affects your game. The main club is available in the iron variety.

If you're a wood lover, then don't fret because the Bang O Matic is also available in wood. It is a combination of Titanium and wood which provides a low center of gravity. This club in particular was featured at the 2004 PGA Show. It has been reviewed as an excellent club choice.

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