Chicago Golf

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Unlike areas in the south and west, Chicago golf is typically limited to three seasons. That said, there are many, this writer included, that have teed up an orange ball in the snow and played a round while wearing coats and boots in the greater Chicago area. Admittedly, the winter golfer in Chicago must be wary of the cross-country skiers that use our beloved ground for their poor excuse of a sport, but to us diehards they are just another challenge that makes the game great.

Chicago Golf in Traditional Seasons

Most golfers in the greater Chicago area, known as Chicagoland, can't wait for the first robins to appear so that they can begin to experience Chicago golf at the spring season's beginning. Their clubs are well shined, their bags are polished, their balls are all new, and their hopes are high that this will be the year for their first hole-in-one. Spring also sees Chicago golf aficionados using their best and most valid excuses of the year. "It's been so long since I swung a club at anything. Sure hope I don't whiff it!"

Chicago in summer is hot and humid, and along with the heat come all of those great heat-related excuses. But just as the sun must shine, the golfer must play. There are a lot of people playing Chicago golf as evidenced by the nearly 300 courses in the greater Chicagoland area - and that doesn't include the 9-hole or pitch-and-putt courses that serve the beginners and time constrained golfers.

In Chicago, the fall is probably the best time for the bogey golfer. The ground begins to harden and the tee shots seem to roll on forever. The greens that didn't fare well over the hot summer months provide tremendous possibilities for excuses, and many play a round where close counts as good as in. The weather is comfortable, the storms are over, and the changing leaves provide spectacular beauty on your walk or drive in the parks. No matter what season, Chicago golf is fun, challenging, and something everyone seems to love.

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