Christmas Gift Idea

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Looking for the ideal Christmas gift idea for the golfer in your family? Who isn't? We all have a golfer in the family, and we are always looking for that perfect gift that won't end up sitting in a drawer or in the garage. Every golfer has that dumb little figurine that boasts the words, "World's Greatest Golfer," so please don't buy another one!

Is There a Perfect Christmas Gift Idea for the Golfer?

Of course there's a perfect Christmas gift idea for the golfer, golf! You can spend over $1,000 for just one great driver or $10 for a sleeve of decent balls, and the golfer will be happy. But the best thing to spend your money on is a round or two of golf at their favorite course. You know the gift will be used, and best of all it will be appreciated.

So, you like the round of golf for a Christmas gift idea, but you don't know how to go about it. Since you're here and reading this you own or have access to a computer. Go online and buy a gift certificate at the golfer's favorite course. If you don't know which one the golfer like to play, you can buy from an online service that works with many courses. The golfer that has received your great Christmas gift idea will be able to search courses online, book a tee-time online, and use your gift card to pay for it. What could be better than that?

Forget the watch-like thing that counts strokes for the golfer - they know how many strokes they hit or missed. Forget books on the game, they only crowd the players mind with too much stuff to allow for a natural swing. And forget buying an overpriced club that won't add all that much to the distance of the drives or reduce the score by more than a stroke or two. The best Christmas gift idea is the game itself. It says, go play and have fun - and do it on me!

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