Club Makers

Written by Kevin Little
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Club makers, like the Matrix, are all around us. However, when it comes to golf, there's nothing sinister about such a proliferation of activity. People all over the country are learning just what a great feeling it is to get together a great-feeling set of golf clubs all on their own.

There was a time when most golfers regarded club makers as a breed apart--something like nuclear scientists, wearing lab coats and deriving precise formulas from complicated instruments. While those who come up with the space-age materials found in some clubs today might still fit a similar description, the process of making clubs has become an activity suited to those even without a math or science degree. Let the experts make the components, the shafts and heads, and then take the initiative into your own hands!

Club Makers Like You and Me

In fact, there are so many different kinds of heads and shafts available today that you or I might have a hard time coming up with anything new in the first place! Such a wide selection of parts means that you can make clubs that are just right for your game, with the performance attributes you've always wanted. Nothing feels quite as good as a well struck ball hit with a well-made club--especially when you are the designer!

If you're as passionate about golf as most golfers, you'll relish the opportunity to sift through different components and materials, looking for the pieces that will make the best clubs for your game. In golf, sometimes you can have just as much fun when you're not playing! This is one kind of research you'll really look forward to--club makers really do have all the fun.

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