Correct Golf Slicing

Written by Seth Cotterell
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We've all had the maddening experience of lining up perfectly in front of the ball and smashing what feels like a perfectly struck ball only to have it veer dangerously off to the right, leaving us a fairway-and-a-half from our intended target. But there is hope, for there is a way to correct golf slicing problems. All it takes is proper form and the correct equipment.

One of the most common causes of the slice is poor form. Many people have simply never learned the correct way to hit a golf ball. They have usually just gone out and started whacking away, gleaning only the basic essentials from their equally poorly-informed friends. The first thing you must do to correct golf slicing is to hold the club correctly and strike the ball fluidly as you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, the ball perfectly dissecting your body. Next, you must make sure the clubface is flat and facing directly to the hole as you swing the club. Finally, make sure your shoulders are facing the hole at the end of your swing, pivoting your body as you raise your back foot to stand on end.

Ways to Correct Golf Slicing: Importance of Proper Equipment

Oftentimes, regular Joes who take up the game of golf fail to use the right equipment. They buy either a cheap set of clubs, or they buy the most expensive new thing that is ill suited to their game. Make sure that when you purchase a set of clubs that you have your golf swing analyzed by a professional who can set you up with gear that best fits your skills.

It is amazing how simple it can be to correct golf slicing, for more often than not it is just a matter of your shaft rigidity or a kink in your swing that is making you shank it off to the right. A few simple consultations with your resident golf pro should help you dissolve the problem. Special clubs with hinged shafts are also designed to help you correct that slice.

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