Custom Clubs

Written by Kevin Little
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Custom clubs can be a great boon to your golfing routine, offering you not only the option of playing with clubs that match your specs to a tee, but also the chance to spend more time on golf-related activities! Talk to anyone who has designed and used their own clubs, and they will tell you that the process of choosing your very own shafts and heads and assembling them on your own can be just as addictive and satisfying as breaking par. Club construction is certainly a pastime worth some consideration for any serious golfer.

Custom clubs are a luxury that most of us think is beyond our reach. I mean, the pros may get to do that (with the help of a manufacturer or guru), but is it really a feasible operation for recreational players? The answer is a definitive yes--you can purchase all of the tools and components you need online, often from a site that includes a detailed manual for putting your clubs together.

Custom Clubs: Endless Combinations

As much as you like your current set of clubs, do you ever wish that you could tweak a couple of things? Or maybe you've tried and liked a friend's clubs, and, as much as you might envy them, just don't want to pony up the dough for a whole new set. No matter the case, not only are custom clubs up to you to design, but they're also more cost-effective than buying a new set of finished clubs.

Weight, flex, balance, torque--all of these variables are determined by you when you construct your own clubs. While it certainly takes dedication and attention to detail to get your own clubs right, the effort you put in will be worth it when you have a real set of your own. Talk about having confidence in your equipment!

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