Custom Golf Clubs

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Almost all experienced golfers know about custom golf clubs. If you're a beginner, custom golf clubs can help you improve your game, but it is a good idea to work on the fundamentals and develop your overall skill set before you look into purchasing any custom golf clubs. Invest in training aids like chipping nets, putting surfaces, or hinged drivers before you worry about a custom designed club.

Designing Custom Golf Clubs

Designing your own customized club allows you to build a club that will help you overcome the shortcomings in your game. Starting from scratch and putting together all the right pieces will help you increase distance, accuracy, and comfort in your shots. Start out with the grip. The right grip can help you overcome that hook that's been plaguing you for so long.

Next, move on to the shaft. The right shaft will dramatically affect your game. Shafts of graphite or steel are the most common. The weight of the shaft as well as the location of its bend or "kick" point will help you maintain accuracy and distance. Shafts are generally inexpensive components.

Finally, the head of your club will have a huge impact on your game. Composite drivers with moveable weights enable you to adjust your angle and flight path. Titanium and other materials, along with innovations in the contact point, have greatly improved distance and accuracy of shots. Once you've mastered the basics of the game, custom golf clubs are a great tool to help you improve your performance.

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