Discount Junior Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Golf has a reputation for being a rich man's sport. Mark Twain once said, "You can tell a man is rich because he doesn't look for his golf balls; of course by the time he gets that rich, he can't hit them far enough to lose." The fact that golf clubs, balls, tees and a bag all need to be bought before you even get to the course is a contributing factor for golf being considered a rich man's sport. The costs involved with golf may prohibit many parents from encouraging their children to take up the game. Fortunately there are discount junior clubs available that make golf enjoyable for the child and affordable for the parent.

Kids will outgrow everything that they get, and that includes golf clubs. It is important to consider a cost-effective set of clubs that will last. Discount golf clubs do not necessarily have to equal discount quality. There are golf shops that will provide high quality golf clubs at very reasonable prices. After all, if they do not help create future golfers, they are putting their future revenue stream at risk.

The age of the child will determine the amount of money you should budget on a set of clubs. Younger kids, ages three to five, will only need a set of three to four clubs. This should keep your expense for a set of clubs under $75. The older the child, the more clubs you will need, and the higher price you will need to budget. A set of discount clubs can range from $80 to $200.

A Good Fit Is Worth a Buck

Whatever you do, make sure you do not sacrifice a good golf club to save a buck or two. A well-fit golf club will make the game easier to learn and much more enjoyable for the kid to play. The more fun it is to play when starting, the more likely it is the kid will continue to play. When the kid continues to play the game, it allows for a lot of potential great memories for the parents and the kid.

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